Thinking of buying USED TremorMUV plans? DON'T! Read this...

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Thinking of buying USED TremorMUV plans? DON'T! Read this...

Postby TREMORMUV » Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:16 am

If you are thinking of purchasing a USED plan set, please consider this...

Effective immediately we are no longer be recognizing owners of re-sold plans. This means that if you choose to purchase a USED TremorMUV plan set, you will not be granted access to the build forum.

What we've been seeing lately is the reselling of incomplete or damaged plan sets that will in the end only cause the builder problems, and puts the burden on us to correct the problems incurred by people re-selling old plan sets.

So EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, anyone building from second hand plan sets from this date forward (MARCH 11th, 2011) is not authorized to build a TremorMUV from that plan set, will not be granted access to the registered builder areas of the forum, or receive any support on their build.

We choose to do this to safe-guard our buyers, to ensure that every TremorMUV builder starts with the correct and complete plan set as it was designed.

If you'd like a TremorMUV plan set, please purchase them directly from Rocky Mountain Coachworks at

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