H1FORUM "black screen" fixed.

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H1FORUM "black screen" fixed.

Postby TREMOR » Sun Jan 12, 2003 5:32 pm

For those of you getting the "black screen" when visiting this site, I've identified and corrected the problem.<br><br>It seems that the "Cobalt" forum style that I was using doesn't like the old browser versions.  I discovered it worked the same (as you identified) in displaying the black screen regardless of OS, when testing with 4.79 of Netscape.<br><br>I've changed the default, and it works fine.  The following "themes" don't seem to work with the old browsers:<br><br>Cobalt<br>Vereor Lcars<br>Space Pilot 3K<br>PHP XP2<br>Chronicles<br><br>So, you'll want to stay away from them, if you havn't upgraded to current release browsers.<br><br>Thomas<br>Tremor<sup>MUV</sup>
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