TremorMUV plan set transfer of ownership fee.

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TremorMUV plan set transfer of ownership fee.

Postby TREMORMUV » Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:40 pm

If you've purchased used plans, or intend on purchasing used TremorMUV plans from another builder that has abandoned their project, this will apply to you.

Effective immediately, any second hand plans that have been sold to another person that complies with the terms of the licensing agreement (meaning that a TremorMUV has not been constructed from that plan set you'd be purchasing), will be subject to a CDN $100.00 ownership transfer charge.

Please keep in mind that before you agree to purchase USED TremorMUV plans, you have to ensure that no TremorMUV has been constructed from those plans. If a TremorMUV has been constructed from those plans, you cannot build another TremorMUV from those plans. A new set of plans must be purchased as this is detailed in the license agreement.

IF a partially completed TremorMUV has been built, then the frame must accompany the plans, or proof of destruction of the frame must be provided to me before I can approve the transfer of the plans. The CDN $100.00 ownership will apply to approved transfers.

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