What's your STRANGEST experience?

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What's your STRANGEST experience?

Postby TREMORMUV » Mon Jan 20, 2003 7:55 pm

What's the strangest thing that's happened to you while driving your Hummer or Replica?

Tell us your story!

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Postby dsuthers » Fri Feb 07, 2003 7:52 pm

This doesn't quite fit the topic but it was fun anyway.

When I went to pick up my kit from CR, I made a road trip out of it. The trip was made by myself, my brother Carl, his son Cliff, his 88 Ford F-250 diesel 4x4, and a borrowed gooseneck trailer. The trip started normal enough, pushing long hours to try and get to CR before they closed on Saturday. We got the beast loaded onto the trailer at CR and took it to meet the donor, which was at my buddies place outside Green Bay, WI.

The rest of the week is pretty uneventful except my brother has brought a used turbo kit to install on his F-250. Of course this sounds like a bad idea considering his truck is our only way home, and home is 900 miles away! Carl installs the turbo anyway, and the problems start.

Problem #1: The oil return from the turbo has a cracked grommet and leaks like a sieve. He manages to "stop the bleeding" with a massive glob of RTV sealant.

Problem #2: Turns out the "perfectly fine & recently rebuilt" turbo has a bad bearing seal. When the truck idles it leaks oil into the compressor side of the turbo. Then when you step on the accelerator this oil is vaporized and becomes... drum roll please... MORE FUEL!!

Well, we can't fix this problem without parts, so we decide to take a detour to Hypermax in Illinois to get the parts. On the way there we have to stop for several stop lights, toll plazas, traffic jams. During the early hours on the trip back, we stop at a light that takes FOREVER to change. Right after Carl pulls off from the light, the oil in the turbo force feeds the engine lots of extra "fuel". The truck takes off like a shot, towing my Badlands, like he is trying to set a land speed record!! A Ford 6.9 liter diesel at 5,000 rpm is a SCARY THING!!

After that Carl kept revving the engine at stops to keep the "liquid boost" to a minimum. We still got a huge cloud of blue smoke when we pulled off. We even mananged to smoke screen an entire toll plaza :lol:

We finally arrived at Hypermax and got the parts. The people there were GREAT. And if you ever talk to the ladies there and think they sound hot, well you'd be right! :shock: Carl rebuilt the turbo in a nearby truckstop parking lot and the rest of the trip home was uneventful.
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